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We are in the midst of a historical moment. Protests are now ongoing in 50 Amerikkkan states, making this the largest organized civil rights protests in history.

Our ideological approach to political activism is similar to our approach to philosophy & phenomenology - that in order to truly make change, one must gain a comprehensive understanding of what is most foundational.

For this reason, we believe that the most important thing any of us can be doing, in addition to amplifying the voices of our black peers, protesting, voting, donating, and lending our particiation to various efforts,we must become experts on US law and political theory.

Racism is not simply an issue of interpersonal hatred or ideological bias, it is interwoven into the very fabric of the US legal system itself - on local, state, and federal levels, a complex system that is further complicated by the encompassing systems of capitalism. If we wish to change this reality, we must first understand it.

For this reason, we will be doing some group readings related to US law.

It is also crucial to be reading the works of black activists who have already gifted us with a wealth of knowledge to draw from as we aim to help black liberation efforts. We are not qualified to lead on those discussions, but we will be posting and reading these materials alongside our main readings.

Below you can see our reading syllabus and meeting dates. We hope you join us. We will also post these meeting dates in our Schedule section


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