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June 2020

News & Updates

In light of current events we are putting our Book Club series on temporary hiatus to do some group readings on Amerikkkan politics & racism.

We have made a public discord server for non-club-members who would like to participate. To learn more, please see our new Public Outreach section below.

As always, all group activities are posted to our Schedule section

The majority of our activities take place in our club Discord

Lastly, for those not aware, we are now live on Twitch. Please be sure to go subscribe.

We hope you are staying safe & healthy during these times.


June 2020


We are in the midst of a historical moment.
Protests are now ongoing in 50 Amerikkkan states, making this the largest organized civil rights protests in history.

Our ideological approach to political activism is similar to our approach to philosophy & phenomenology - that in order to truly make change, one must gain a comprehensive understanding of what is most foundational.

For this reason, we believe that the most important thing any of us can be doing, in addition to amplifying the voices of our black peers, protesting, voting, donating, and lending our particiation to various efforts, we must become experts on US law and political theory.

Racism is not simply an issue of interpersonal hatred or ideological bias, it is interwoven into the very fabric of the US legal system itself - on local, state, and federal levels, a complex system that is further complicated by the encompassing systems of capitalism. If we wish to change this reality, we must first understand it.

For this reason, we are putting our Speed Reading series on temporary hiatus.

What we will be doing in the interim is group readings related to US law.

It is also crucial to be reading the works of black activists who have already gifted us with a wealth of knowledge to draw from as we aim to help black liberation efforts. We are not qualified to lead on those discussions, but we will be posting and reading these materials alongside our main readings.

Below you can see our reading syllabus and meeting dates. We hope you join us. We will also post these meeting dates in our Schedule section

Lastly, we have created a public Discord server for these activities.

As my moderation capabilities are at-the-moment limited, our Discord text channels are read only. However, the group audio discussion will be open to the public. Please visit for links to the readings and access to the group voice discussion.

Read pages 1-35 of the text linked here

SUPPLEMENTARY READING: "Anarchism and the Black Revolution" (Info Pamphlet)
Zack Fox has been posting excerpts from this text by Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin to his IG and in reading them I feel this is a good supplementary text for our US Constitution study, as it contains theoretical groundwork strategies for black liberation. We will be discussing the text briefly, but again, as I am not qualified to lead this discussion, the meat of our discussion will be on the US Constitution reading. I encourage nonblack readers especially to read this text with an open-mind more than a critical one. You can find the text in full here

MEETING DATE: Sunday, June 7th at 9:30 pm EST
Join us at the scheduled time in the new Public Discord server linked above


Our full schedule is embedded below as a google calendar (external link)

As we are in the midst of a quarantine, we feel now is an important time to band together in productivity. We have daily, weekly & biweekly activities for club members to stay active.

Below you can read about a few of our programs.
Please see the calendar for full list of events.

30 Day Yoga Challenge
Shredding with Jillian Michaels
Phenomenology DnD
MIDI Music Lessons
Blender Lessons

Also, check our Speed Reading Syllabus for reading assignments if you would like to join our scheduled Speed Reading meetings.

Talk About It™

Talk About It™ is the official podcast series of Phenomenology Club.

You can stay tuned with all these discussions via the Talk About It YouTube playlist

We are also on Spotify

For a full list of what podcasting services Phenomenology Club episodes are now available on, visit our Anchor page


Speed Reading™

Speed Reading

Speed Reading is Phenomenology Club's reading series, formerly known as Book Club! The purpose of this series is to engage with & discuss philosophical texts together.

Readings are short at 25 pages or less, and we meet only every two weeks, so that even the busiest of us has ample time to participate!

Every meeting we discuss a wholly independent text. That means you can jump in at any time, and we hope you do!

For those of you unable to attend or perhaps wish to listen alone to our audio recorded meetings, we encourage you to do so by checking out the embedded media player!



This curriculum for our first round of Speed Reading is designed to take us chronologically together through the trajectory of Western philosophy. All readings are chosen specifically for their relevance to p h e n o m e n o l o g i c a l concepts.

This series was designed specifically for readers who may have absolutely zero exposure to philosophy. We hope that this series will equip you with the confidence to pursue further interest in philosophy! ​

See you at a Speed Reading meeting! ​


1. Socrates - Meno

Link to full text here
Reading: Meno (what is virtue?) (25 pages) - p. 898-923

Our club did a dramatic reading of this text as a group activity. Listen to it here

Discussion: Who was Socrates? Who was Plato? What is the Socratic Method? Discussion of Meno & Introduction to forms.

Meeting Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019
Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

2. Plato - Allegory of the Cave (Book VII of Republic, Socratic Dialogue)

Link to full text here
Reading: Book VII of the Republic (20 pages) p. 1392-1412

Discussion: Allegory of the Cave & Plato's Theory of Forms.

Meeting Date: Sunday, February 24, 2019
Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

3. Aristotle - Refutation of Plato (Book VII of Metaphysics)

Link to full text here
Reading: Book VII of Metaphysics by Aristotle. Full reading in the linked text (no page numbers)

Our club did a group reading of the text. Listen to it here

Discussion: What is the nature of Aristotle's disagreement with Plato? What does Aristotle mean by Substance? What does Aristotle mean when he separates Being from a predicate of Being?

Meeting Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 9 pm EST
Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

4. Descartes - Meditations on First Philosophy (full text [33 pages])

Link to full text here
Reading: Descartes - Meditations on First Philosophy (entire text)

This reading exceeds our usual maximum page number allotment by 8 pages but covers the entire text.
It takes on average under 2 hours to read in full! Do it.

Discussion: Why is Descartes certain he exists? Is this the matrix? Can anyone hear me? Hello?

Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 9 pm ES
Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

5. Leibniz & Spinoza - Selected Readings

There are three short separate readings this week. One by Leibniz & then two short letters by Spinoza. This discussion will be led by our club member Michael! Who also led our Aristotle discussion.


1. The Monadology - Leibniz (13 pages)
Link to full text here

2. Letter to Oldenburg - Spinoza (~2 pages)
Link to full text here

3. Letter to Blyenbergh - Spinoza (~4 pages)
Link to full text here

Discussion: What is spinoza trying to describe about how bodies work? What is a monad?
How are these two thinkers opposed in how they interpret Descartes?

Meeting Date: Sunday, April 21, 2019, 9 pm EST
Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player


There is no reading assignment for this meeting.

New members are especially encouraged to attend/listen to this meeting, so you can get caught up on what we have done so far & join us for the second half of our first round of Speed Reading (AKA Book club)!

Discussion: How do the readings we have done so far tie into phenomenological concepts? Are we beginning to see a shape take form?

Meeting Date: Sunday, August 18, 2019, 9:30 pm EST

Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

For a visual guide, please see the Halftime Review sheet in our Downloads section.

6. David Hume - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Link to full text here (pages 5-29)
Reading: David Hume - An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (pages 5-29)

Buttress did a live audio reading of the text. Listen to it here

Discussion: How does life affect how you feel about philosophical ideas?

Meeting Date: Sunday, September 1, 2019, 9:30 pm EST

Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

7. Immanuel Kant - A Critique of Pure Reason

Reading: Immanuel Kant - A Critique of Pure Reason - (Two Readings)

Link to full text here (pages 155-165, 193-200)

Reading 1: pages 155-165 (end where Elucidation section begins)
Reading 2: pages 193-200 (The Transcendental Logic)

Buttress did a live audio reading of the text. Listen to it here

Discussion: What in the godamn hell is this mans talking bout?

Meeting Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 9:30 pm EST

Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

8. Hegel - Phenomenology of Spirit

Reading: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Phenomenology of Spirit (Two Excerpts)

Link to full text here
(pages 49-79 in printed text or 96-126 in the PDF file)

Some people are having difficulty accessing that website. If you cannot access it feel free to download the PDF via this download link instead

Buttress did a live audio reading of the text. Listen to it here

Reading 1: The Phenomenology of Spirit - Introduction
p. 49-59 in printed text (p.96-106 in the
PDF file)

Reading 2: The Phenomenology of Spirit - Section A "Consciousness" Part 1: "Sensuous-certainty; or the “This” and Meaning Something"
p. 60-68 in printed text (p.107-115 in the PDF file)

Meeting Date: Sunday, January 12, 2020, 9:30 pm EST

Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

9. Friedrich Engels - Dialectics of Nature

Reading: Friedrich Engels - Dialectics of Nature: Pt. 1 Introduction & Pt. 2: Dialectics

Link to downloadable PDF: here

Link to html version (links to index): here

Discussion:How do we see Hegels dialectics manifest in Engels Dialectics of Nature, and what is the relevance to Marxism? How do we see some of Hegel's ideas, specifically his dialectic, influence Engel's philosophy of politics & human history?

Meeting Date: Sunday, March 22, 2020 (Time TBA)

Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

10. Nietzsche - The Will to Power

Reading: Friedrich Nietzsche - The Will To Power (excerpts)
[pp. 290-315 of linked PDF/ pp. 261-286 in page print]

I. The Will To Power as Knowledge

1. Method of Inquiry
2. The Epistemological Starting Point
3. Belief in the "Ego." The Subject
4. Biology of the Drive to Knowledge. Perspectivism
5. Origin of Reason and Logic
6. Consciousness

Link to downloadable PDF (full): here

Link to downloadable PDF (reading only): here

Exernal link to PDF here

Buttress did a live audio reading of the text. Listen to it here

Discussion:What is Nietzsche's Perspectivism?

Meeting Date: Sunday, March 29, 2020 9:30 pm EST
Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player

11. Edmund Husserl - Critique of Psychologism (Logical Investigations)

Reading: Edmund Husserl - Critique of Psychologism (Excerpts from Logical Investigations)
Link to downloadable PDF (full): here

Alternate Dropbox link

Buttress did a live audio reading of the text. Listen to it here

Discussion questions: What, in your own words, is Husserl's definition of Psychologism, and why is he critical of it? If you read Nietzsche's Will to Power reading from last Book Club - would you say Nietzsche's philosophy of "the will to power" fits this definition of psychologism? Why or why not? What do you think Husserl is essentially calling for, in his critique of psychologism as it relates to forming comprehensive philosophies and phenomenology? Based on this reading, how do you think Husserlian phenomenology could reach its goal of being a "science of consciousness" without subscribing to psychologism?

Meeting Date: Sunday, May 24, 2020 9:30 pm EST
Listen to that discussion here or in the embedded media player


Due to current events, our Speed Reading series is on temporary Hiatus

Please see the Public Outreach section of our page to stay up to date on the readings.

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